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GoT Season 6’s First Episode Title Throws Light on Jon Snow’s Fate

Spoiler Alert: Well, I’m putting it in here just for the sake of it. If you’ve not already heard that Jon Snow gets poked into him more holes than an acupuncture patient, then, well, god bless your ignorant soul!

And now to business.

HBO has released a press notice announcing that the title of the first episode of season 6 is ‘The Red Woman’!!

A short description of the episode — a synopsis, if you may — was also given:

“Jon Snow is dead. Daenerys meets a strong man. Cersei sees her daughter again.”

In the last episode of Season 5, We saw Cersei’s daughter Myrcella getting horribly poisoned — no thanks to ex-Mrs Red Viper. So Cersei meeting her daughter again might not be all that mushy-mushy. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we get to see another red wedding type of disgusting death.

Dany meeting a strong man is also pretty straightforward. I am willing to bet my right talon arm that it is that new Khal dude who picked her up towards the end of last season. Oh man, I’m so excited to meet this Khal Drogo 2.0!

And finally, Jon is dead.

No question in the history of human existence has perhaps been more fiercely debated than Is Jon Snow really dead? Except maybe Is there a God? Maybe.

We’ve analysed the story a hundred times, read dozens of arguments from both sides and got so pissed with our friends who disagreed that we almost punched them in the teeth. And yet we didn’t reach a conclusion.

HBO, meanwhile was hellbent on making us believe that handsome bastard was gone for good. HBO’s insistence on Jon’s death got even TechInsider to rant, “We get it, HBO. He’s dead! Deader than dead. He be dead.”

But is he, though? Is he really dead?

There were always a bunch of theories that said he’s alive. And now we even have mathematical proof that he’s the second most important character in the book/show!!

game of thrones mathematical character map tyrion jon snow daenerys

Mathematical proof of the maker’s joblessness.


However, given His Assholiness G.R.R Martin’s affinity to killing off important characters, I feel that being a popular character might actually be worse for you.

And therein lies the twist! 

The fact that the episode is called “The Red Woman”, points to the fact that Lady Melisandre is going to be the key here. And having returned back to Castle Black, what is it that the Lady can do that can earn her a title reference?

Answer: Resurrect the shit out of Jon Fucking Snow!!!

I may be right. I may be wrong. I guess we’ll know in two week’s time anyway.

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