Inherently Indian

The hashtag #InherentlyIndian was trending on twitter India. While tweeting about it, I realised that 140 characters were just not making the cut. Hence the need for this post.

Our food and our women,
Respectively, spicy and hot.
Bhangra, Garbha, Kathak;
Chai, Sutta and Pot.

Bollywood, Cricket
Both houseful, no ticket.
Shaadi, Mehendi and Sangeet
“Welcome, Aunties, to the annual Meet and Greet!”

North Eastern talent show,
Lassi with lots of malai.
Frustrated male engineers
And Pizza with panner kadai (?)

Soaps with episodes thousand,
5 times dead – the ideal husband.
10 minutes dialogues, 20 minutes music.
And the Baa who’s almost a psychic.

YES: Bribes, Sexism, Nepotism
And pissing in the public.
NO: Debate, Dissent, Dialogue
And kissing in the public.

Senior Bachchan, SRK
O-Terri! and Bhaijaan!
Lata, Asha, Shreya, Sunidhi,
Rafi, Gulzar and Shaan!

ISRO, Chess, Hockey,
Once a year, obligatory craze.
Aishwarya had a baby.
Much wow, such amaze!

TVF is the new TV,
AIB an honest mirror.
Roadies! Splitsvilla are ok.
But much better than “Newshour” horror!

“Ye dekh ye Hindu ka khoon, ye musalmaan ka,
In dono mein farak bata.”
One side Rahul, one side Modi,
Ab in dono mein farak bata.

Let’s not fight, let’s not judge,
Vivek, Vazi or Vivian.
Let’s all enjoy mom’s home cooked meal
And be Inherently Indian!!


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  • Reply
    August 14, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    Very nice…unity in diversity makes India gr8…

  • Reply
    August 16, 2015 at 9:19 pm

    Mast hai…. East or West India is the best 🙂

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