Is Shah Rukh Khan Going to be Apple’s Brand Ambassador in India?

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Celebrities have a special place in our lives. Speaking from a purely economic perspective, they have a high aspirational value attached to them. Meaning that we’d do almost anything to be a little more like our beloved stars.

Marketers are acutely aware of this, and they put that knowledge to good use selling products. That’s why we see Bollywood celebrities selling everything from underwear to aggarbatti. And it looks like Tim Cook might have come away with some ideas.

On his recent visit to India, Cook attended a dinner party hosted by Shah Rukh Khan. And now AppleInsider reports that Cook might be signing SRK as the Brand Ambassador for Apple in India.

The concept of brand ambassadors is not new to Apple. Just like every other big name in any industry, Apple hires local (or global) celebrities who promote the company by associating themselves with the brand.

They’ve already got the Brazilian wonder-wiz footballer Neymar. Now they’re on the hunt for a celebrity who can be the face of iPhone in India. And who better than the Baadshah of Bollywood when you’re looking to sell something (sensibly)!?

I cannot be certain if the idea came to Tim Cook after attending the grand Bollywood dinner party that was thrown for him or if he’d already been entertaining that notion before coming to India. I believe the first scenario is more likely because the whole thing stinks of a shrewd SRK business conspiracy. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we found out that SRK himself had proposed it to Cook.

Either way, Apple could do well with the association.



I am not saying that SRK will bring in the most number of customers. If they wanted numbers, they should have gone with Virat Kohli. His Instagram profile is already full of iPhone selfies from the gym!

If they wanted blind loyalty, they should have gone with Salman Khan. Kyuki Bhai ne bol diya to bas bol diya. Aaj se sab log sirf seb khayega!

If they wanted to attract the youth, they should have gone with Ranveer Singh. Doesn’t he always look like he’s stoned to the core? So much energy! Those are some serious ‘shrooms he’s smoking up!

But, no. Cook didn’t go with any of these. He went with (or is going to go with) SRK. Because Cook wants to build a BRAND. That requires careful business analysis and dedicated long-term planning. Shah Rukh Khan may have taught an entire generation how to romance, but the one secret he kept close to his heart is how to build a brand.

Shah Rukh is an average actor with above average dedication, but with a brilliant mind for business. KKR was the first IPL team to break even, three seasons ahead of predictions. Despite being at the bottom of the table for the first two seasons!

And I think Apple needs a good business analyst. Someone who understands the Indian market, because right now they are at their wits end. Their last two battles in Inda (refurbished iPhones and the fight against local-sourcing) have been lost causes.

They need someone to marshal the troops and march them on. Now, I am not saying SRK is going to be Apple’s next marketing head, but a word of advice every now then from someone with experience isn’t going to hurt!

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