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Well with all the talk about Valentine’s Day going around, I thought I will write a blog about it too! I mean, why not? What are blogs for if not for writing about random stuff and post it on the Internet? Anyways, getting back to the topic at hand.

I am basically opposed to idea of celebrating “days” for various things in life. I just don’t understand the concept of making so much fuss about a basic need of human life, on a fixed day every single year. Of course I am going to use the cliche, “What about the remaining days?” But then there is friend of mine who has this to say, “Its like, you know, charging the battery of your mobile phone. You don’t keep it plugged in the whole time, right? You charge it once in a few days, and then wait for it to get fully discharged, before charging it again. Its not only required, but also healthy!” He smiles, “Healthy for the battery, I mean,” he adds as a side thought. I think he might be correct, but the thought just seems a bit…um…mechanical to me.

Then there are those optimistic friends who say, “At least once a year, if not the year long.” Now that, I must confess, I have to agree. Sort of like Christmas, don’t you think? At least today be good! Or like your birthday – At least be happy today!! Looking at it that way, it does make sense to have some special occasions every now and then.

I think this whole institution of celebrating “days” arises from the deepest of human wants: to live!! In our inexplicably busy lives today, we have lost the passion of living. Somewhere under the burden of our responsibilities and our aspirations, we have buried our spark of true inner joy. We have forgotten the pleasure that holding hands and lazy walks is. We have forgotten what it felt to be appreciated and loved. More shockingly, we have forgotten what it felt to express our love to someone else. We have forgotten the joys of small gifts and pleasures of a tender kiss. We, dear friends, have forgotten to live.

And so days such as these, at their elementary level, are merely excuses that we have made for ourselves so that we don’t forget the small things in life. So that we continue to appreciate the intricacies of human nature and find joy. So that in all the hurry and scramble, we find lungfuls of air. These days are the dots of innocent color that are splattered across the  monotonously monochrome canvass of our everyday lives. Or in the opinions of my esteemed friends, these are reminders to charge our batteries – at least once a year!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(In case this post reaches you after the Day is over, I would like to place the blame on nine hours of lectures and disappointingly slow college wifi!)

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