Morbid Birthday Wishes To A 20-Something


Birthdays are good.
They are occasions of celebration. Friends, family, wishes, gifts, all great!

Birthdays are bad.
They are a reminder that you’ve stepped one year closer to your death. And god forbid if you look back and wonder where have the years gone!

Birthdays are weird.
They bring greetings from people you’ve not spoken to in years, and they bring disappointment (sometimes) from the dearest of friends.

Birthdays are scary.
In the shimmer of falling glitter, in the rush of sugar from all the cake, in the noise from all the celebration, in the comfort of new clothes and new gifts, and in the bills of all the expenses, somewhere, time rushes through, and life passes us.

And suddenly, you’re old.

Perhaps this year you’ll finally realize that you’ve grown. That you’re an adult.
Welcome to life. It sucks.

Happy Birthday. 🙂

— A.

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