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No surprises there. Only a sense of being overwhelmed by the magnanimity of the city.

All of us have seen, time and again, of what impact the city can have on its visitors. Of how it just blows your mind away. Of how irresistibly charming and repulsing the city is, simultaneously. You know it all, and yet nothing can ever prepare you for the psychological shock that the city renders onto its visitors.

It’s a sea of people. People who are in a constant pursuit of an unknown, unseen quest. There is a perpetual restlessness in their movement — an agitated feeling arising out of a concern they cannot really put their fingers on.

And all that restlessness of all those millions of people simply multiplies and grows because it’s trapped. Trapped because they have come thus far, and now the sea bars their way, spreading in front of them farther than their eyes can see.

And now it just lies there, effervescing a scent of always getting bigger, beyond the reach of either a single man, or a city, or even an entire nation.

And while the youthful waves crash on its shores, almost mockingly, the wise tides simply breath, a melancholy monochrome of eternity, sighing, as though offering sympathy to the city that has not slept in years …

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