The Other Side

Do you know our Nation?

It’s India, for your information.

Just like many around you,

I am an Indian too.

But I have a different perception

Of our supposedly “developing” Nation.

I think, for the past sixty-six years,

We’ve probably only been cleaning sewers.

And though yesterday’s tea-stall is today’s mall,

I don’t think we have grown at all!

You wonder: ‘How can we be backward now?’

Let me try and show you how…

14th-15th August, 1947, are days

That are memorable in a million ways.

That night we got Independence.

We were paid for our vengeance.

For our freedom, we celebrated.

What should be done next, we deliberated.

Some wanted to invigorate and inspire;

While others to confiscate and conspire.

And so our leaders thought aloud,

‘Do something that will make us proud.’

Therefore we renamed every road and park,

We rechristened every landmark.

The Lords and the Saints went,

The Queens were ruthlessly sent

To the place whence they came,

And so entered the Indian name.

But what we failed to know

Is that the worth of a place doesn’t grow

Just because we have changed its name,

Or stripped it of its wide spread fame.

We should have used well that emotional uprising,

That we failed miserably is not very surprising!

No change; that night to this day.

Yet we progress, or so we say…

Then, when people were dying of starvation,

We were busy making Reservation,

Trying to ‘protect’ the unprivileged caste:

One single greatest mistake of our past.

This gross differentiation no one saw,

Happily we claimed, ‘Equality before Law.’

Only for five years it was supposed to be,

They had gone blind, for they couldn’t see,

That such a quota, once executed,

Will breathe free only after the country is prosecuted.

We should have stopped it then and there.

For now it will stop, who knows, when and where?

No change; that night to this day.

Yet we progress, or so we say…

In our zeal to get transformed,

We only got mutilated, deformed.

Our World, Our Nation, Our Country;

Pollution, population, corruption: all free.

The moment you get through an Office-gate,

Immediately you get your next date.

“Next date” as in when you should next come.

‘Get along the money; if you have some.’

Bribery is not the key today.

It is the path, it is the way.

There is nothing you could do or say,

For it has become the order of the day!

You no longer need potential for getting a work.

Even the best degree can only make you a clerk.

No change; that night to this day.

Yet we progress, or so we say…

The courts are full today with unsolved cases,

Unethical labyrinths, dirty political mazes.

The population of India grows and grows,

All we do is raise our eyebrows.

Poverty spreads without a pause,

Neither are we the cure, nor are we the cause.

The country is an infinite void.

Reason? Our youth is unemployed.

Agreed. Society’s growth is strong.

But who knows right or wrong?

Newspapers everyday blare only one news.

Crime, of all kinds and hues.

Are we really a changed Nation today?

But we have progressed, or so we say…

If these are the tidings that progress brings,

If these are the bells that progress rings,

And if we are still proud of being so,

If we still cannot see our greatest foe,

Then we are slumbering with eyes open wide,

For we have not understood the other side…

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  • Reply
    Shuvan Prashant
    August 13, 2012 at 3:25 am

    Most interesting!..Keep it up dude. The poem reveals the state of India in the most tranparent and direct manner. Have we progressed or digressed ?

    • Reply
      Amit Srivatsa
      August 13, 2012 at 4:26 am

      Thanks a lot brother, for the encouragement!! 🙂

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