There was a Dream

There was a dream
And I dont think I am living it.
I fell into a puddle
Somewhere in the middle

Of the overwhelming cultural shock;
Of all the warnings and the talk;
Of the multitudes of feelings;
Of getting hurt and healing;

Of the things I desired, I craved
And to get them what I braved;
Of the rejection and resentment
That followed me from that moment;

Of the foolishness and stupidity
And the light that later came;
Of the blinding blaze of truth
And the ashes of the crippled shame;

Of cleansing my soul;
Of analyzing and resetting my goal;
Of the pain that ceased to be
And the tranquility that came to me;

Of the sweet silence of solitude
And the magnanimity of life;
Of understanding joy
While assimilating struggle and strife;

Somewhere, in the middle of all this
Trying to grow and trying to quit –
There is a dream,
And I think I am living it…

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