What can Money Buy?

So, I read this question on Quora:

Why are some of the (rather most of them) Indian News channels (both Hindi and English) are biased towards BJP?

Frankly, I wanted to write an answer right there. But I also wanted to rant. I figured the two would not go well together, and it would ruin someone else’s post. So instead, I decided to make it a blog post.

The Indian TV News outfit is in a state of universal institutional failure. In 24 hours of bickering, shouting and hurling unspeakable adjectives at each other, every news channel fails to find even one hour where it reports important news in a serious manner. Stories that matter, and discussing which will make the public more aware thus helping them make an informed decision the next time they are at a polling booth.

Instead, in the rat race for sensationalisation, the public is deprived of its right to be informed. Which gives the Government a tyrannical incentive to meddle with institutions and issues strictly outside its purview – because they know, that we won’t know!

Take the recent ridiculous little detour by the government for example.
The fact that the Indian Government even entertains the notion that it will be able to “ban porn” by blocking a bunch of websites, goes to prove that it has no conceivable understanding of the infinity of the browsable Web.

To the avid consumer of pornography, this is merely a minor inconvenience. To Government of India, it is another decisive step towards the incredible loss of credibility that of late, seems to have become the hallmark of everything associated with Mr. Modi.

The moral policing is not the first – or the only – backward step this government has taken. The Right Wing radicalisation of education, the blatant disregard for secular principles of governance and now the meddling with the autonomy of RBI are just a few instances of the new government slashing at the fabric of our nation.

Makes one wonder – is the press just lost or are they too under the toe of a government that is in huge debt to a few corporate giants, and their vested interests?



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