What Makes A 90’s Kid in India?

I just want to clear up a huge misconception that everyone has about a “90’s Kid”. 

A 90’s kid is not someone who was born in the 90’s. It’s someone who grew up as a kid in the 90s.

Essentially, he/she is someone was who was in his/her pre-teens during the 1990-1997 years.

A person born in ’98, ’99 is not a 90’s kid.

He’s a 90’s infant. They’re not the same.

A 90’s kid in India is someone who experienced — and remembers experiencing —

  • the classic Cartoon Network, not the Chota Bheem shit of today;
  • Sachin’s rise to fame, not his retirement;
  • watchin Doordarshan on TV, not the mind numbing mess of 4000 channels;
  • fixing audio cassets with a pen, not an iPod shuffle;
  • Pepsi you could suck out of a plastic pouch, not a McD Happy meal;
  • waiting each week for a new edition of Champak or Twinkle and not the next episode of Big Bang Theory;
  • being stingy about the photos becuase you could only take 36 of them in a reel, and not 400 selfies in an hour;
  • the thrill of a party that came from drinking Rasna, and now a gazillion choices of cappucino;
  • wasting hours on end trying to draw a scenery on MS Paint, and not flicking through psuedo-professional filters on Instagram.

The list goes on, but you get the picture.

Those are the things that make a 90’s kid.

So no matter how old you get, if you were a 90’s kid, you’ll always remain a 90’s kid.

It’s a club you join for life. And you can’t invite others.

Relive the wonderful days of 90’s kid through these wonderful illustrations from ScoopWhoop.


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