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I Hate Kapil Sharma’s Show, And It’s Not His Fault

Kapil Sharma runs a tv show, which is technically a business. He’s not doing it as a social service, rather as a means of making money.

Which is totally fine. In fact, even encouraged. You ought to be able to monetise you talent. 

But the first requirement of business is being able to sell!

Consequently, he needs to produce content that’s most likely to be sold, and not necessarily of the best quality.

And what sells most in our country is mindless, senseless “humour” like this.

As a nation, our sense of humour is appalling.

We have explicit lists of “laughables” and “non-laughables”.

Women, poverty, and corruption, we can joke about. Religion, traditions and gods, we cannot.

Politics is okay. Politicians are not. 

Worst of all, we cannot laugh at ourselves.

True humour is one that finds mirth in the mundane; it is something that presents the truth — which is often absurd, because people are irrational creatures — so plainly and comically that we can’t help but laugh at it.

But not us. God forbid we ever laugh at ourselves!

The alternative? Shows like Kapil’s.

The humour is crude at best and crass at worst. 

Sexism is as prominent a theme of the show as magic in Harry Potter. 

Women are constantly belittled, frequently ridiculed, and often reduced to sex objects. So not that different from mainstream Bollywood, then! 

The gags are overwhelmingly unfunny, and the cross-dressing drags are many people’s worst nightmare. 

There’s hardly any wit involved, and most punch lines seem to have been stuck in a loop for perpetuity. 

You can actually feel your IQ drop a few points watching the show.

But as a businessman, he’s only answering to the demand of the market. Is it really his fault that we a bunch of idiots who lack a sense of humour?

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